About Long Term Support (LTS)

Over the past few years, Funnelback has adopted an agile methodology for product development, with the aim of delivering new features and enhancements more regularly. This not only provides everyone with a chance to experiment with the latest and greatest versions sooner rather than later, but also provides a great opportunity for users to provide feedback and shape the direction of new features.

However, releasing so often does have its drawbacks. We understand that many of our clients are more sensitive to change. Instead, stability and reliability are their highest priorities. There’s also a larger maintenance cost for Funnelback, which means less time to focus on what really matters; delivering real value with new features and enhancements.

So how do we balance the benefits of releasing regularly with providing stability and reliability?

The answer is Long Term Support (LTS)

Versions marked as LTS are a key milestone for the product. It represents the outcome of the many iterations of design, implementation, testing and user feedback which brings feature sets to a certain level of maturity. LTS versions also come with our first class level of support where all non-trivial bugs and security vulnerabilities will be patched for the duration of the active support and maintenance period.

But this does bring up the question, “Should I just stick with LTS versions?”. To help answer that question, there are two key things to keep in mind: Every release is jam packed full of goodies. By staying on an LTS version, you’re trading new cool features for stability. When going from LTS to LTS versions, you’ll see many more changes all at once. This includes large changes to the user journeys, user interface modifications and changes to the supported libraries, all of which can increase the complexity of upgrades and have an impact on the organisational processes.

On a whole though, going from LTS to LTS will still be great. It’ll just be a little more involved. Of course, the decision is up to you. We just wanted to provide the flexibility for you to make the best choice for your organisation.

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